Seje Carrier Oil

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Seje Carrier Oil

Botanical Name: Oenocarpus bataua

Other Names: Batana, pataua, sejen, coumou, unamo, coroba, milpesos

Description: The tree is found in the tropical rainforests of South America and has a wide range of growing conditions, from swampy lowlands to mountainous regions. Adult palms produce two fruit bunches per annum. These weigh between 8-35 kg and can contain up to 1 000 fruits.

Common Uses: The kernels yield an edible oil somewhat similar to olive oil. It is also made into soap and is used in the cosmetic industry. The fronds of the palm also find use for thatching.
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Specification Documents

Seje Virgin - Allergens.pdf
Seje Virgin - IFRA48.pdf
Seje Virgin - SDS.pdf
Seje Virgin - Spec.pdf