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Aldehyde C12 Lauric Dodecanal

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Aldehyde C12 Lauric Dodecanal

CAS: 112-54-9
Odour (decreasing): Aldehydic, soapy, waxy, citrus, orange, zesty, green, floral
Very intense, classic aliphatic aldehyde valued for its floral and citrus enhancement as well for imparting the recognisable aldehydic quality to a fragrance.
Uses: One of the classics in the aldehydic family, this product is widely used in all types of perfumery. Its versatile character allows its use in a variety of odour types: cologne, violet, pine, chypre. Good fabric substantivity.
For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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Aldehyde C12 Lauric Dodecanal
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