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Mystic Moments

Almond Meal Ground (Fine for Face & Body) Exfoliant

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Almond Meal Ground (Fine for Face & Body) Exfoliant

Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis
Common Name: Sweet Almond Meal
Part Used: Blanched and ground Almond seed
Odour: Very faint almost negligible almond odour
Colour: Light creamy colour with occasional flecks of brown.
Texture: Soft, velvety and slightly grainy. If the pure almond meal is pressed onto the skin it leaves a very slight emollient film on the surface.
Benefits: Very gentle and nutritive exfoliant containing natural plant oils. This almond meal is suitable for adding to creamy cleansers or face masks to provide very gentle exfoliation while simultaneously nurturing the skin. Fresh almond meal should be kept refrigerated until use and combined with approximately 1% Natural Vitamin E to extend the shelf life in products by reducing oxidation of the nourishing oils.
Traditional Uses: Recent studies have shown that some of the phyto-nutrients found in almond can be beneficial in helping to reduce inflammation and support healthy immune function.

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Almond Meal Ground (Fine for Face & Body) Exfoliant
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