Due to COVID-19, as much as we would love to deliver everything on time, delays are to be expected.

Soap Moulds

Dragon Silicone Mould

Dragonfly on Leaf Mould (4 Cavity)

Elephant Silicone Mould

Embossed Bar PVC Mould (6 Cavity)

Embossed Ingots PVC Mould (8 Cavity)

Embossed Star PVC Mould (4 Cavity)

Flocked Cylinder Silicone Mould

Flocked Cylinder Silicone Mould

Flower Band Silicone Mould

Flower Candle Silicone Mould

Flowers In Oval PVC Mould (4 Cavity)

Frilly Bow Heart PVC Mould (4 Cavity)

Gingerbread Man Silicone Soap Mould