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Bath Salts - Rose Geranium

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Bath Salt - Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium Bath Salt has a distinctive warm, intense and immensely rich fragrance which makes you feel like royalty. Rose Geranium’s soothing properties is great for sensitive and delicate skin. Rose Geranium smells like a cloud of roses which calms your body and soul.
Our formulations offer relief from dry skin, fatigue, stress & muscle pain. These natural mineral salts draw out impurities from your body & stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. Rose Geranium Aroma Bath Salt contain high quality salts helps relax sore muscles and joints. Sea Salts relieve muscle and body ache, act as an antiseptic to reduce inflammations and bacteria.
Sinking into a tub of this Rose Geranium Bath Salt gives an awesome rejuvenating feeling.
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride Rock Crystal, Alcohol, Geranium Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Allura Red 

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Bath Salts - Rose Geranium
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