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Aldehyde C10 (Decanal)

CAS: 112-31-2
Odour (decreasing): Sweet, aldehydic, fresh, orange, waxy and floral. Powerful
Aldehyde C10 is one of the most useful of the saturated aliphatic aldehydes: softer and easier to use than C8, it gives good floral reinforcement and is commonly used in combination with higher aldehydes.
Uses: An extremely important component in perfumery, this fatty aldehyde is used in floral blends such as rose, jasmine and iris, in aldehydic bouquets, and in citrus fragrances, where it enhances power and diffusion.
For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

Specification Documents

£3.29 Ex Vat
£3.29 Ex Vat

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Aldehyde C10 (Decanal)

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