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Aldehyde C16 (Ethyl Methyl Phenyl Glycidate)

Aldehyde C16 (Ethyl Methyl Phenyl Glycidate)

CAS: 77-83-8
Odour (decreasing): Sweet, berry, strawberry, fruity, floral nuances. Powerful
Aldehyde C-16 (Ethyl Methyl Phenyl Glycidate) is fruity aromatic strawberry honey phenolic fantasy top-note modifier.
Uses: Besides the obvious use in strawberry and apple accords this is useful in floral compositions such as jasmine and rose, where it can add gentle fruity tones. It can also add sweetness and warmth to a fragrance, reinforcing top notes and blends particularly well with ionones, hydroxycitronellal, woody notes, aliphatic aldehydes and the various fruity esters and lactones.
For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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