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Mystic Moments

Beeswax Block Purified Yellow (100% Natural) - Cosmetic Waxes

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Beeswax Block Purified Yellow (100% Natural)

Pure Beeswax are naturally scented and produces a fragrant candle that burns longer and cleaner than ordinary wax candles. Our Beeswax has a light, delightful scent of honey that is not overpowering, making it a wonderful middle-ground alternative for those who cannot tolerate perfumes and other scents. In fact, pure beeswax has the highest melting point of any known wax. Its slow, smokeless flame gives off more light and heat than other waxes and there is no dripping.
Our 100% natural beeswax comes in blocks of 2.2 lbs (1 kg) each and is golden yellow in colour.
Uses: Beeswax can be used in the manufacturing process for many products including candles, cosmetics and soaps.
Warning: When melting beeswax, always use a water bath by placing the container of wax - probably a small saucepan - inside a larger pan of water. Never place a pan of wax directly on a hot plate or gas ring. Beeswax can easily become damaged by localized overheating and if it ignites, can burn more ferociously than any chip pan fire. Beeswax does not boil - it just gets hotter and hotter until it ignites.

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Beeswax Block Purified Yellow (100% Natural) - Cosmetic Waxes