Catnip Essential Oil

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Catnip Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Nepeta Cataria
Plant Part: Flowers
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Origin: India

Description: Catnip oil is made from the catnip plant (Nepeta Cataria), which also goes by the name cat mint. This member of the mint family grows wild as a weed, but may be found in herb gardens as well.

Consistency: Thin
Colour: Pale Yellow to Brown Yellow
Blends well with: Catnip oil blends well with lemon, lime, mint, eucalyptus, myrrh, citronella and geranium oil.
Aromatic Scent: Fresh, Minty-Herbaceous with a sweet, woody and spicy undertone

Specification Documents

Catnip - Allergens.pdf
Catnip - IFRA.pdf
Catnip - SDS.pdf
Catnip - Spec.pdf
Catnip Vegan Statement.pdf
Catnip Flow Chart.pdf

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