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Ethyl Lactate

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Ethyl Lactate

CAS: 687-47-8
Odour (decreasing): Sweet, fruity, ethereal, buttery, butterscotch
An unusual product, widely used in flavour work but not often offered to perfumers its odour is unusual in being both fruity and buttery at the same time. The material offered here is the natural isolate. It occurs naturally in cocoa and a range of fruits as well as wine and other alcoholic drinks.
Uses: In perfumery it is useful for softening the harsh edges of the fruity esters, adding realism to white flower and fruit accords and forms an essential part of accords intended to evoke alcoholic drinks. Tenacity is around four hours, so best thought of as a top-to-middle note.

For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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Ethyl Lactate