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Eugenol 98% Liquid

CAS: 97-53-0
Odour (decreasing): Sweet, spicy-clove, woody, dry, with phenolic, cinnamon and allspice nuances.
For most people this is highly reminiscent of clove, which is unsurprising as it constitutes about 90% of that oil, though it is also present in a great number of other natural materials.
Uses: Eugenol’s use is now restricted in perfumery, as it’s been known to cause allergies in some people, so it must be mentioned on perfume ingredients lists to alert them. Despite this Eugenol remains a popular ingredient in fine fragrance and air care.

For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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£3.29 Ex Vat
£3.29 Ex Vat

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Eugenol 98% Liquid

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