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Himalayan Pink Rock Salts

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Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Bath, Spa, Footbath - Probably one of the best ways to use the salt is to put it in the bath! Do not spend more than 30 minutes soaking and ideally the temperature should be same as our body but just make sure the water is not too hot. The salt will assist to keep the temperature at an even level.
Do not bath on a full stomach. Great when convalesing or if you have the flu. One of the best ways to detoxify your body, as one bath is equivalent to a 3 day fast if you use 1kg! The bath will also be great for the skin and any irritations. Or try a footbath, this will assist your detoxification as fluids tend to congregate in your feet. The ionic salt will assist the detox process as normal and the fluids are what contain the many toxins. Great for athletes foot, sore/tired/cracked feet, ankle sprains, varucas/warts and more. On the basis of reflexology, your internal organs will be cleared out in time, as the salt creates a 'vacuum effect', via the tiny electrical impulses. Try using essential oils in your baths as well to create a beautiful aroma and to further assist the clearing and harmonizing effect through aromatherapy.
Pot plants/gardens - Use to fertilise your pot plants and indeed your whole property, vegetable garden and even farm! This will certainly assist the soil to regain its mineral balance.
Note: The genuine Himalayan Crystal salt originally comes in various colours from pink, orange and white, depending on the various concentrations of the particular minerals, but once crushed, all the salt will turn pure white.
None of this salt is refined or aldulterated in any way.

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Himalayan Pink Rock Salts