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CAS: 1335-66-6
Odour (decreasing): Strongly, sharp leafy-herbal, citrusy notes
Uses: Used in perfume compositions where it blends excellently with Oakmoss products (compensates for sweetness and lifts the top-note), with Ionones (freshness) and with Geranium and Galbanum (enhances the green and 'vegetable' notes). Arcadi Boix Camps is also enthusiastic about this material, writing in 1985, he says of Triplal and Isocyclocitral “These two products have become classic aromatics because of their amazing effects, which combine natural grassy notes with marine notes. Possesses an intensely powerful, fresh green odour particularly suitable as a top note in rose compositions and other floral fragrances.


For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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