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Limonene (Orange Terpenes)

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Limonene (Orange Terpenes)

CAS: 8028-48-6 / 68647-72-3
Odour (decreasing): Characteristic Fresh, Citrusy Odour
Uses: Used very extensively in perfume compositions as a refreshing top-note, particularly in the large-volume type of fragrances for household products, where the Citrus-odour is desirable or at least compatible with the product and the purpose. It may give lift without giving a true Orange character, and it can therefore be used in a multitude of fragrance types, including floral types from Jasmine to Lavender, and in Pine, aldehydic, woody, fruity or green odours. In detergent perfumes it is often found together with Benzyl acetate. It has the added advantage of being colourless. It is often annoying to introduce an intensive yellow or orange colour when cold-pressed sweet Orange oil is used in Citrus fragrances.


For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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Limonene (Orange Terpenes)