Lovage Leaf Essential Oil

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Lovage Leaf Essential Oil

This large perennial herb can grow up to 2 meters high. A hollow stem and thick, dense ornamental foliage are characteristic of this plant.


Botanical Name: Levisticum Officinalis
Origin: Hungary
Family: Apiaceae
Plant Part: Roots and leaves
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Note: Top to Middle
Colour: Clear, olive-brown liquid
Consistency: Thin
Aromatic Scent: Lovage Leaf essential oil has a very unique, spicy warm, rich - root like odor. Many consider it to be a very pleasant scent.
History: The Garden Lovage is one of the old English herbs that was formerly very generally cultivated, and is still occasionally cultivated as a sweet herb. Lovage was used as a medicinal herb plant in the fourteenth century. Its reputation is believed to be founded largely on its pleasing aromatic odour.


Caution: Non-toxic, non-irritant, with possible skin sensitizing and/or phototoxic properties. It is to be avoided during pregnancy.
Never use pure oils on the skin without diluting, never use internally, keep away from children and eyes, always check if there are any medical issues which could cause a problem. Seek help if you have any doubts.
*The information provided is for educational purposes only*

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