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Create Your Own Pack – Wild Flowers Soap contains:

- 1Kg Melt and Pour Soap Clear
- 10ml Forget Me Not Fragrant Oil
- 10ml Fuchsia Fragrant Oil
- 10ml Lavender Fragrant Oil
- 10ml Lilac Fragrant Oil
- 10ml Ylang Ylang Fragrant Oil
- 4 Cavity Plastic Mould
- 10ml Orange Soap Dye
- 10ml Yellow Soap Dye
- Instructions (Recipe for one bar)


Click here for the video guide!

This kit makes approximately 10 Bars of Soap
Everything you need to make your own Wild Flowers Soap!
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
£14.13 Ex Vat
£14.13 Ex Vat

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Create Your Own – Wild Flowers Soap

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