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Seaweed Powder - Raw Materials

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Seaweed Powder - Raw Material

Botanical Name: Ascophyllum nodosum 100 Mesh
A vegetable garden beneath the sea
Ancient Greeks spread seaweed for fertilizer, Cretans used it for dye, the Romans for animal feed, and since Roman times in Britain, the Welsh put it in their bread, being Latin for water plant. It had been chewed like tobacco in Iceland, burned to ashes for its extracts in Norway, and distilled to make brandy in Britain. The French enjoy it for dessert and in Japan it is eaten raw, boiled and dried.

The finest quality seaweed: Different kind of seaweeds are harvested on every continent. By far the largest quantity is consumed as alginates. Ascophyllum nodosum - a brown seaweed commonly known as knotted, knobbed or bladder wrack, or kelp - is one of many species which form part of the botanical order or algae. Because it is a particularly rich source of minerals, trace elements, and other nutrients, seaweed is an ideal human health food, animal feed supplement, and plant fertilizer. Frytang, harvesting in unpolluted waters at the most nutritious point in the plant's growth cycle, delivers Ascophyllum of the highest quality and value.

Main Points:
*All the essential organic minerals including all know trace elements in balanced proportions.
*14 Vitamins including Vitamins B12 ( not found in land plants ) and E with a complete set of isomers found only in seed oils such as wheat germ oil.
*16 Amino acids
*The phyto hormones betaines and cytokinins, auxins and gibberollins ( growth enhancers)
*Special carbohydrates more readily available than from land plants.
*Up to 10% organic chelators.
*Rich, stable source of iodine.
*An entirely natural product free from any artificial ingredient, additive, flavor, scent or colour.

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Seaweed Powder - Raw Materials