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Vanilla & Strawberry - Fragrance Oil Reed Diffuser

Fill your home with this delicious fragrance using one of our Mystix Fragrance Oil Reed Diffusers. These are an efficient, elegant and safe way to fragrance any room in your home or office.
Our Reed Diffusers are very simple to use. Insert the reeds into the neck of the open bottle ensuring they are resting on the bottom. The reeds naturally absorb the oil, drawing the scent to the top of the reeds where the fragrance is released into the air. To control how strong the scent release is you can remove some of the reeds.
When first using this product we recommend that you turn the reeds 2 to 3 times during the first 24 hours to ensure the oil is distributed efficiently. After this initial period turn the reeds periodically to release a stronger scent.

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£8.29 Ex Vat
£8.29 Ex Vat

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