Wheatgerm Virgin Carrier Oil

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Wheatgerm Virgin Carrier Oil

Botanical Name: Triticum Vulgare
Plant Part: Germ
Extraction Method: Solvent Extracted
Country of Origin: USA

Description: Wheatgerm oil is very high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. Proud of its great nourishing qualities, Wheatgerm oil is perfect for adding in massage blends or for preparing carrier blends.

Colour: Orange to dark amber

Aromatic Scent: A bland and nutty odour

In beauty, skincare, and aromatherapy, Wheatgerm massage blends assist in promoting circulation and formation of new cells to improve appearance of skin, and to help repair sun damage to the skin.

Try mixing Wheatgerm with other lighter carrier oils such as Sweet Almond oil for a smooth blend as Wheatgerm may be too sticky when used on its own!

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