Yellow Ultra Ventilated French Clay

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Yellow Ultra Ventilated French Clay

French Yellow Clay is made up of fine mineral particles and iron oxides which determine its color. It contains iron, but no aluminium. It is a very mild clay that can be used on dry or sensitive skin.

Appearance: Fine pale yellow coloured powder.

Benefits: French Yellow Clay is considered to be a powerful detoxifier which draws out impurities from the body while the essential minerals within the clay are released. It stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, removes dead skin cells, and tones & strengthens connective tissues to leave skin smooth, fresh & radiant.

Application: French Yellow Clay can be used in detoxifying body wraps, soap making, face masks, body and hair packs, face or body scrubs, shampoos, poultices, cosmetics and facial powders.

Cautions: Caution should be exercised as clays may stain fabric.
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